07-19-2018  Golden State ADHC  10am-2pm..  Attendant:  4+

 *** First Trip.. July 19 Thur 10amt to 2pm  FREE for everyone.. (incl. Lunch)  (a Van fit for 6 persons)
       Please bring in your Medical, SM Health Plan...

July 19 2018 Trip
Victor A212
Clare  B311
Keiko  B110
Guillermo D203

Chinese.... Mandrain, Cantonese
Japanese,   Russian

Please Join Medical First...
Have you Family Doctor fill out Application Form.

Mon-Fri. 9a-1p, 1p-5p

Social Worker... Katya Hope
Center Ave. age 85yrs.
Dont bring in/out any outside Foods.
Every Visit.... Health Check, Excercises, Food,

Existing  our Associate in GSADHC program.
Alla A311

1. Location: 20 minutes from our Site, they will provide Transportation.
2. We will group several trips to visit their facility in order to familiar with their services.
3. M-F: 9am - 4pm, Sat... 9am-1pm   ADHC    (9:45am Breakfast, ____: Lunch)
4. Service provides for Medical Card Holder.
5. May arrang IHSS hours for participants.
6. Our Apt in their Coverage.
7. May provide 180 Participants/day.... current level....120
8. Jack will announce at next week Tue 7pm Association Monthly meeting. 
9. Advantage: Location Closely, Workers Friendly, Activities Various...

 Visting List        as of   7-5-2018

Dr. Package. Ask Center for Blanket Form.