SideWalk Sale   Aug-4-2018 (Sat)    Webpages for Casa Pacificans only, not for Public     Donation   
 Team List
 Jack Coots                    (B202)    415-834-8558
 Sharon Emerson-Smith (D207)   650-735-5390
 Ruth Cooper         (B201)   650-735-5055
 Clare De Souza      (B311)  650-359-3767
 Nancy Sweet        (B109)   650-359-1531
Vic                      (A212)    available anytime      
                                Dnation items storage, labor/transportation 


08012018 D304   Donation                     Diane

7 inches Corning,

0704018 Donation     unknown     Headsets ....2


  There is definite interest in a sidewalk sale this summer.
Ruthie (B201) has collected "stuff" for Association and
(B109) has quite a bit if Association "stuff" in her apartment for a sale.

We need someone to help Ruthie get the exact date that Pacifica is having their city wide sale
so we can get in on the publicity. We need to make announcement so folks can plan too.