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2-14-2019... need double check the name.... 2nd apt .
Father Ph, Mother Hawaii, can not speak Ph. .... born in Ca. SF, work Union, 2 boys. grand son UCLA.  Religon: Japan Boddist.
simple flap phone (paid 30-40), have cable, no wifi.   very neat apt, heavy smoker. son's ash stored in bedroom.  recently lost in ID thief.  informed 3 credit unions for red alert,  (Jenney also happen recently.)   have a big wooden Antique Radio  paid  around $300 at 1975. & Chinese Antique Bamboo piece.


Beautiful Authentic Antique Philco Tube Radio in Very Good Shape - All Original    $239.00

Circa 1941, this beautiful antique Philco Tube Radio in all original condition, with original tubes, wiring and parts. Just being in the same room with this nostalgic vintage radio takes one back to the era of Tommy Dorsey and the big bands. The radio overall is in very good condition. There are some scuff marks on the base at the feet, and normal wear on top that a little tlc will take care of.

Approximate measurements: 37“ x 34” x 14” 

   丁巳荔枝熟时节作于西园挂绿轩,黄仁      丁巳年就是农历一甲子中的一个,比如1917、1977
”足见其珍贵程度。 这件竹挂,高62厘米,增城挂绿雕刻的逼真生动形象,诗句也是一流雕工:南州荔枝无处无,增城挂绿贵如珠。