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Electric Bill    20% Discount !!!  


ItalkBB    Need have exisint WiFi,    (4-9-2018 verify over 877-482-5522)
                                        1. May retain existing Tel. Number,  
                                2. Initial Cost: 74.98  =  60 (set up) + 14.98  (mailing charge)
                               3. Monthly charge: $4.99 + 3.95 tax = $8.94
                               4. Free One - Three months Trial... 
  Contract for one year.

WiFi:    Xfinity,        AT&T    800-288-2020  
Cell, Telephone, Cable...
Chinese Box: HTV: Robert... 415-793-8155   One time charge: include Labor ,  $170  
      (Vic comment: Cost too much. June 2018)

15mbps  Internet...  4-10-2018  7-13-2018          English Click here....  
   Reviewed: 4-10-2018 from: AK  good speed to watch movie in Youtube.

Please Don't Call,
if you are existing Comcast customer,
they will give you hard time  to block you
.  may need leave Comcast 3 months. (4-21-2018)

Online to appy...

1. All Casa Pacificans resident are qualified.

2. Please check... under House Assistance Program

3. If you dont have existing email address...
     victor A212 will give you a Free one

4. They will dispatch tech. install for you within few days.

5. If you neighbors have WiFi
    (include this service)
    you may share with them.

6. $150 a computer is Option.
    If you really need &
     dont want to spent money,
      we may get an old one
      (free-someone donated) for you. 

7 . WiFi... may use in your
          Cell Phone.
          Smart TV  (save money on Cable)
          any Smart Devices
                 (Alarm, WebCam...)

8. If this program ...
     will save some your Money monthly,
     I will suggest donate 50% saving to
     Association which will creat more
     benefits for ALL Associates


AT&T wi-fi      $10/mo Wi-Fi...    (July 2018)
Qualification...CalFresh (Food Stamp),  County of San Mateo, Human  Service Agency, 400 Harbor Bl, Belmont, Ca. 94002

60Mbps           Xfinity    4-10-2018


Internet 50 Stand-alone      Acct: 256929136   Customer Service: Chinese 1-888-333-2828 (M-F  7A to 10P)
$40/mo. for One Yr.
(expires 2-1-2019)
Installation & Equip  (may be??)     $100 one time
4-10-2018 Test:    on           Ping: 48 ms     Download: 32 Mbps    Upload 10 mbps
6-9  -2018 Test:    on           Ping: 21 ms     Download: 23 Mbps    Upload 12 mbps
6-9  -2018 Test:    on           Ping: 24 ms     Download: 23 Mbps    Upload 12 mbps

Smart TV 55 inches   Best Buy   around $300       can watch YouTube (Free), VuDu (Free & Fee), Netflix (Fee...)


Cricket.... 3 Lines   $90,  no Contract, Unlimited Cell Phone & Unlimited Wireless Data (such as Internet, GPS, eMail, Social Media..)... need puchase own Cell phone Equipment.
                  suggest.... BestBuy  $150 (brand BLU)


Application:   650-871-8590   (free bus...)
Redi-Wheels: 650-482-9360
Redi Coast:    650-560-0360

 4-2018 Library Late fee Waiver.

Free Foodss

1.   Every Thur 11-12 am  T J's  in Rec Room  (Thursday Food Bag )
2.   Every Tue 4:30-5:30pm, from Resource Provider...Irene (B107), Isa (A101)

PET free Vaccination

Enrollment Location         Please tell us.... your personal expericence for each Locations.... What kind service they can provide how to qualify & prepare....

Amazon Prime saving in Shipping Cost.....    Q= use who's Amazon Prime Account.    this account norma;yl may cost yearly fee around $120.