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                        From: Sharon 7-10-2018

Simple/Small Loan Program  (SSLP)   for  Basic Equipments Purchase  & Temporary Personal Need.

Fund:         $1000  start  (Date: 10-1-2018, Do not disclose Donors when he/she lives or after 10 yrs in Casa Pac. .)
Amt:           $100 min,  $200 max    per Associate request.
Period:       3 months (suggested) or before leave Apt.
Process:    One of Association Officers use his/her Common Sense to accept or reject the Applicant's Request.
Need: Paper work 1. Fill out Survey Form   (Details version) in Assocation's general file.
                              2. Picture of one ID (such as...driving license, green card, passport)
                              3. Simple hand writing statement (explain the Need, When & How to pay back)
                                           (item 1-3: not more than 15 minutes & Confidential)
          Promise:     4. Attend  Monthly Association meeting or any Association's  Activity once a month minimum. 
                             5. Accept one Consulatation from Association's arrangement. (such as Fin, Hea, Benefit/Saving
...) (optional)

Income   (make  money)  

 Stock, Outsourcing,

Expense  (spend money)        spent in hea,  ent,