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**Sources:     OutSource:       Brown Bag, Community Center Lunch,   Monday Lunch  
:         Tuesday:  Isa/Irene          Thursday:  Trader Joe's

  Thanks You for Sharing!!! Please don't Waste, Give Excess food to other Associates!!!

1-A. T J's: Thursday 11:30am-12:30 Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>    

1-B. Tuesday 4-5:30pm   Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: Isa D110   & Irene B107

1-C. Brown Bag: Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>  
1st & 3rd  Friday of each month: June 15, July 6, 20, August 3, 17, September. 7, 21, October 5, 19, November 2, 16, December 7, 21      1-800-984-3663    trct=408-455-5181

St. Peter's Catholic Church just a few blocks from us on Oddstad.
the Brown Bag program is available on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at 9am
  Folks can walk to get free veggies, fruit, and some staples twice per month.
Operation Brown Bag - Second Harvest Food Bank's Brown Bag program provides bi-weekly nutritious groceries to senior individuals (ages 60+) and disabled individuals (ages 55+) at distribution sites in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. 
In Pacifica,  at St. Peter Catholic Church.  To enroll in the program, please visit St. Peter's one Friday morning and ask for Thelma or JoAnn. (Home Delivery: Volunteer.. Daivd) For more information, contact Second Harvest Food Bank at 650 610-0800.

Procedure:      1. Come to St. Peter's (at front right building). 1st and 3rd Friday of every month
                    2. Fist Time Sign an Application & get new BrownBag ID card,
                    3. Door Open 7am, Distribution at 9am, get a Sequence Card (#1- #31)
                    4. at 9am call the number in sequence, Show BrownBag ID card, then receive a Box of Food,   
                    5. All the Box/Bag distribution will be end around 9:45am. Please come on time.
                                (for Handicapped may request Home Delivery for one year.    It's a Bag not a Box. )

 Monday Lunch  
 Monday thru Friday                                                       Need Car-Pool...

Senior Services Food Services prepares and serves approximately 13,000 meals on-site to 600 unduplicated seniors annually.  Meals meet the RDA dietary guidelines.  Anticipated daily attendance averages 50 and reservations are not required.  Daily entertainment or activity is part of the lunch program.
Congregate lunch is served Monday thru Friday for seniors 60 years and older at noon (11:30am - 12:30pm) at the Pacifica Community Center, 540 Crespi Drive, Pacifica, CA  94044.

$3.00 is the suggested donation per meal. 
No eligible individual shall be denied participation because of failure or inability to contribute.

Non-seniors (guest of seniors) welcome to lunch for a $5.00 mandatory fee.

Menus are created by the food coordinator bi-monthly and are approved by a registered dietitian to ensure that a third of the RDA requirements are met with an emphasis is
on low-fat and no-added salt menu items.

View or download a copy of our current menus here.
July and August 2018 Menus
May and June 2018 Menus

Our senior lunches are sponsored by
Older American Act funds, San Mateo County funds, client donations,
and City of Pacifica support.

Lunch-time Entertainment & Activities
Activities scheduled daily starting at 11:30am
Holiday and special celebrations scheduled throughout each month
Informational guest speakers and demonstrations scheduled regularly
Registered Dietitian presents on healthy nutrition topics the first Wednesday of every month
For more information on Congregate Lunch Program or lunch time activities please contact Janis Haynes at 650-738-7384.

 CalFresh/Food Stamps