FORM...(Private page for Victor use only.)      (Data) Controlled Copy

  Name Tag,    

 Associates Data  (Survey)     Name, Phone, Voluntee, Yrs, Specialty, Hobby, Health, 2ndContact) (Social & Privite time)      Date:______    Brown Bag ID#____

 Apt No. ________          Name  __________  Cel __________, Phone  _________   eMail: _________ ,    Birth Yr. ____,  _____  Yrs in Apt.
2nd Contact:  Apt#________ Name ________, Cell, _____     Pets _____________  

 Smart Cell:   (WhatsApp, WeChat, (Facebook) Messenger and Line:      Account name/number: _____________    Monitar: Smart TV ___inch.   Cell $____  Talk Min. ___(unlimited) ,

 WiFi  Provider:  AT&T, Xinfinity (Comsat)    $_____ /mo.  include Cable?,     Phone?,_____    Cable Provider _____ $ ____       Phone $_____,       Data Min ___ (unlimited)   WiFi speed ________
 PG&E: Join in "Care Program"...   Yes,  No.                 Monitor size (smart 55") ___________    Bundle:     

 Voluntee:       ____________________                              Join Committees/Clubs   _______________     Sharing     Care, Transporation, Gardening, Sport, Game,

 Specialty     _____________________________      Talent ___________   Education/Background

 Hobby________________________  Skill _________  (Professional level,  above normal person, interesting...)  

 Interesting:       Join  Association Activity Club        Activity: Exercise, Sport, Game, Travel, Art, Gardening, Music, Collection, History .....

 Health (condition) General ______, Specific (memory, hearing, sight, walk) _Good, Fair, Poor, need assistant ,  Family Doctor (Name, Phone) __________________
                        Take Medicines  for_____________personal cost/mo_______government cost/mo     Insurance   Program joined

 Car  __________      In  House Visit:  Time    (between Associates)  ___anytime, hours     Insurance

 Family: (member)  _________________           School:     ________________             Major:   ______________            Experience: (companies)   ______________    Language _________

**Request:    Expectation (Long Term, Immediate)  _____________________________________     Consulatation.

** Contribution: :  _______________________________           ** Assignment:     _______________________________      

** Suggestion:   ________________________________
** Idea:                                                                                      ** Personal Webpage.. name.... _____ Rm no. _____
    **** What I can do, What I like to do, What I need ,    What I expect                    (All data will be treated in confidential.)      Purpose:   Find out our Priority, Direction, Need, Rresource..

 Phone: Phone, Cell,    TV: TV, Cable,    Internet: WiFi,  Computer (Laptop)     (Provider, Equipment)
 Apt No. ________          Name  _________________  Cell/Phone
 _________       eMail: _________ ,

Phone: 1.  Desk Phone  Number  _____$____ /mo.    
             2.  Cell: number. _______    Carrier: ___________      $_____/mo  (Standalone, Package w/equipment & other Services________)
                   Unlimited Cell Y, N,      Unlimited Data Y, N= ____G,      Equipment: ____________        

Cable Provider _____ $ ____       
            TV Screen (Monitor)   Size:   ____ inches,      Smart:  Y, N

WiFi   Provider _______ $____     WiFi speed ________                           use Neighbor ____________

Social Medium: __________________,           Wechat, Whatsapp, Skype, Line,

Transportation.... Car     Garage    Card

Hobby Talent, Experience, Skiled  Interesting


Card: Medicare, Medical , San Mateo Health Center,     Kaiser

Donation  /   For Sale               Items:    ___________________        Storage Location: __________

 Name       ________________                           Apt#   ___________                      Date   ___________________

 Category: Auto,  Furniture,   Appliance, Electric,  Vintage, Antique  (Paint, China)     Cell  _________________
 Description: Name _____________________ ,  Model/Serial No.: ___________          Yr.  _______________         (with Pic, Manual, original receipt...) 

 Quality: Over-All:  Never Use, Good, merely Acceptable    Appearance: Perfect, OK, Poor.    Test: Work, Partial Work, Repairable, all.       

 Value:   Amount:  Original Cost _________                    Market value     __________                  Appriasel Price ______ (by who: Price Committee,, ___)
               Addition Cost  _______(repair, AD, Cm...)       Donate Amount _____(full, Partial)___    Exchange: _________  Amazon Price: _________
 Expecting:   Selling price (Tag)..._______                        Sold  Price mount to Association: __________

 Record:  ___________________________                   Receipt: ____________ (#, 503(c))         By: _______________

Specialty Groups

 Cn, Ph, Gem, Horse, Hiking, Travel, Music, Dancing,   Stock, Sport,

Assignment / Volunteer

 Service Provider: Floor Carpet, Garden, Recreation Room,
 Committee Coordinator:
Goal for everyone.... Basic Equipment:  Smart TV 55" (cost $300),  Smart Cell (cost $150),  Monthly Service:  WiFi.... $10,  Cell ...  $30 (unlimited Cell & Unlimted Data)
                                 eMail (,,, WeChat,          

Requests, Comments, Complaints:  misc.....

1. Park Mall  N-W  empty lot  Dust.  2. Pedestrian Cross   3. Newspaper - Cn (Library) 4. English Class,
5. Internet Class  6. Tree Trimming  7. Cockroach problem
5-8-2018  Draft... $3500, Field Trip, Memorial Day BBQ... Betty,  Sept/Oct Garage Sale.

<title>Create flying texts</title>

<body bgcolor="blue" test="red">
Hi You Tubers! Welcome to my tutorials!!

<marquee>Create flying texts</marquee>
<h1> I'm header size 1 </h>
<h3> I'm header size 3 </h>
<h6> I'm header size 6 </h>


How to make a GIF
Upload your images to Photoshop.
Open up the Timeline window.
In the Timeline window, click "Create Frame Animation."
Create a new layer for each new frame.
Open the same menu icon on the right, and choose "Make Frames From Layers."
Under each frame, select how long it should appear for before switching to the next frame.
At the bottom of the toolbar, select how many times you'd like it to loop.
Preview your GIF by pressing the play icon.
Save and Export Your GIF. is simple online GIF maker and toolset for basic animated GIF editing.
Here you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects to gifs.

 Input, Set Up Prcedure:

2. Sign in
3. My Products
4. 140**14   V**C**8
5. <>
6. Manage
7. Manage Hosting
8. Manage
9. cPanel Admin
10. <Email>
11. Email Wizard  (for example: vic> a212  a212>vic)
12. Email: ___ @     Domain,   Pwd: ___, Pwd ___  <250MB>
13. Window Live   >  Login to Webmail
14. <got in>
15. roundcube  (set as Default)
16. Prepare a new/test email:  Compose+    New Mail    Send
17.  Run one Sending & one Receiving Test Mails.

Person need Assist:

Name     Apt#      Cell#         Email

Assist: House Clean/Ladurn               Cooking:                   Exercise             Shopping                Compaian/History       Organization'

Week         Time         Hours                                              (Rule...       Agreeement)