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July 4  2018    BBQ        2:00pm

July 5  2018 (Thur)      2:00pm   

Please Attend this Chat Conference...

  **We may attend their Activities in the future..  
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  **We may learn how to acquire various Supports from other Sources. 

  05-19-2018   Planning......

From: Sharon Emerson-Smith <>
Subject: Update Information
Date: May 19, 2018 at 11:45:18 AM PDT
To: Jack Coots             <>,
      Adele Hansen        <>,
      Cecilia Velez         <>,
      Ron Davis             <>,
      Humberto Aguirre <>,
      Dena Valenzuela   <>,
      Anna Boothe        <>,
      Betty Garner        <>,
      Honey Politz        <>

Reply-To: Sharon Emerson-Smith <>

Hi Jack and All,

1.)    Am told that Betty G is one vacation till the 26th. So have any of you 
had any contact regarding a Memorial Day BBQ ?
Supposedly the HUD inspection will be Tuesday the 22nd. (with every thing being done now at the last minute!) 
Every unit has been inspected (and some twice) . If there is interest,
      do we have someone who will take charge? 
      Should we make it a Pot Luck instead ?
      Not try anything ?

2.)    Kay Day from New Life Christian Fellowship has generously offered a day trip for us this summer.
I will forward her email to each of you. 
We have sufficient funds to have a bus take us right to Pier / ship and then to pick us up at agreed time ( 2 or 3 hours)  . We could then go for lunch somewhere or have a picnic (where there are definitely seats lol)
Karen's son generously will wave the $12 per senior charge giving us money for lunch. 
Even though there are steps, many of us can manage them and those that still want to go could sit and enjoy the Pier.

3.)   There is definite interest in a sidewalk sale this summer.
Ruthie has collected "stuff" for Association and Nancy has quite a bit if Association "stuff" in her apartment for a sale. We need someone to help Ruthie get the exact date that Pacifica is having their city wide sale so we can get in on the publicity. We need to make announcement so folks can plan too. Ruthie is great at getting good "stuff" not as good at the details behind the scene! No offense intended Ruthie.

4.)   This is a heads up for your information: Alder is insisting that Nancy and I "hide" the shopping carts used in each building before the inspection.  If any buddy asks they will return on Wednesday. If you see one that we missed,
please put it in the closet of your apartment until Wednesday.  Thanks.

5.)    No word from Humberto re: Carlos returning for concert. I must admit I have not been begging him for a date. It would be lovely way to start summer in late June.

Any information, suggestions, requests, frustrations, please let me know.
Look for email forwarded by me from Karen Day. 

Thanks,  Sharon

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