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**Sources:     OutSource:      Food:   Trader Joe'sBrown Bag,  Transportation: Bus, Law:  Legal Aid Inusrance   Party  
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1-A. Trader Joe's: Thursday 11:30am-12:30 Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>    

1-B. Tuesday 4-5:30pm   Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: Isa D110   & Irene B107    

1-C. Brown Bag: Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>
 Friday: July 6, 20, August 3, 17, September. 7, 21, October 5, 19, November 2, 16, December 7, 21    

St. Peter's Catholic Church just a few blocks from us on Oddstad.
the Brown Bag program is available on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at 9am
  Folks can walk to get free veggies, fruit, and some staples twice per month.
Operation Brown Bag - Second Harvest Food Bank's Brown Bag program provides bi-weekly nutritious groceries to senior individuals (ages 60+) and disabled individuals (ages 55+) at distribution sites in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. 
In Pacifica,  at St. Peter Catholic Church.  To enroll in the program, please visit St. Peter's one Friday morning and ask for Thelma or JoAnn. (Home Delivery: Volunteer.. Daivd) For more information, contact Second Harvest Food Bank at 650 610-0800.

Procedure:   1. Come to St. Peter's (at front right building). 1st and 3rd Friday of every month
                    2. Fist Time Sign an Application & get new BrownBag ID card,
                    3. Door Open 7am, Distribution at 9am, get a Sequence Card (#1- #31)
                    4. at 9am call the number in sequence, Show BrownBag ID card, then receive a Box of Food,   
                    5. All the Box/Bag distribution will be end around 9:45am. Please come on time.
                                (for Handicapped may request Home Delivery for one year.    It's a Bag not a Box. )

2. Resource Center: Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>  

4. Bus: Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>

5.Legal Aid: Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>

6. Medical: Coordinator: >>>>>>>>>>>,   Volunteer: >>>>>>>>>>>

7. ESL   Coordinator: Victor,   Volunteer: Sharon, Phil

8. Insurance

Computer, Laptop         Repair-hardware....Ming  email/WiFi/web design setup,,,  Vic (A212)        

Car (Maintenance, Repair)   Consultant:   Humberto B210    

Golf     Bernardo (Bernie) A204

 6-7-2018 Sharon Suggestion:

It would be very helpful to have a RESOURSE page.
1. Trader Joe's:    Information could be about   Trader Joe's delivery on Thursday with time varying,
                            only ONE BAG PER APARTMENT.

2. Resource Center:   Could have the address of Resource Center  in downtown Pacifica with time open, etc.
This requires transportation either by bus or car.

3. Brown Bag:             Information about Brown Bag availability. Current pick up is at St. Peter's Catholic Church just a few blocks from us on Oddstad. This means folks can walk to get free veggies, fruit, and some staples twice per month. Must sign up for this wonderful opportunity.

4. Bus:             Information about bus service, Flex bus locally, cost,  etc. We have bus stop both ways on our street. Is there a bus pass for seniors available ?

Information about transportation through San Mateo County for travel to medical appointments, cost, reservation requirements, etc.

5.Legal Aid:       Information about Legal Aid Society: how to contact, services available, location, etc. We have had them for lectures as well as legal services.
They came and provided Advanced Medical Directives for 39 residents last year.
They might come and talk about wills, or other concerns. 

I don't have much of this information as I have a car for transportation and I do not do any medical activities.

6. Medical:
But there are people who use the bus and medical transportation that can provide information.
Maybe talk with Phil Carlson, Isabel Donovan, Anna Boothe, Irene Haas, Fran Larson and others.