Wellness Check,    

wellness check  

What I suggest to Casa Pacificans Associates... (learnt from one issue at Aug 16th 2018)
    If you feel something wrong with your Neighbor's Health (w/o regular response), do not hesitate...
1. Contact your Floor Monitor (or any Association's officers) & Phil A303 (he has master key.)
2. Dring Business hours, Please inform Apartment Manger (Alder or his assistant Gina)
    (they have master key, & contact info for the need Resident.)
3. If you realize the situation is very Urgent, call 9-1-1 immediately.      (vic 8-17-2018 preliminary)

**What is a wellness check?

    (Eija Vogel, Artist and published author. Recently retired as a Specialist from CA, FTB.
       Answered Feb 14, 2016 · )

If you are talking about police actions, a wellness check and a welfare check are one in the same.

What many people don't realize is that the police in their community are not just out chasing bad guys,  They are also available to conduct welfare checks.

What Is A Police Welfare Check?  According to the ‘Law Dictionary’:

“Friends, family and neighbors are important social contacts. They may regularly check in with loved ones to see how they're doing. When a loved one fails to respond, the police can be called in to conduct a welfare check. For instance, if a nephew has been trying to reach his elderly aunt for the last several days, but she does not answer the phone or respond to a knock at the door, the nephew may call the police to perform a welfare check at his aunt's house.

Legal Considerations

No court order is required for the police to conduct a welfare check. Essentially, as long as they have reasonable grounds to believe that an inhabitant in a residence is endangered, they can legally enter the premises. They typically knock on the door and await a response before announcing their law enforcement affiliation. If they still receive no response, they may enter the property. This is particularly useful when someone inside the house is unconscious or otherwise unable to respond. The ability to enter the property without permission means that emergency aid can be rendered. In some cases, this is a life saving intervention.”

Law Dictionary: What Is A Police Welfare Check?

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Mail Box Monitoring  (just a idea...)

**from Mobil Box daily Open (or not) to monitor this Residents daily Activity or not.
1. Put a Black color magnetic Plate on each Key Hole. Once, the Resident open their mailbox, the Plate will move out from Key Hole..
2. at evening, Association Monitor  
Any un-move magnetic Plate, will change to Yellow color magnetic Plate.
in the meantime, put the Black color magnetic Plate back to Key Hole for next Day use.
4. the third day,  if Yellow Plate still unchange, change to Red Plate  (also take some Action to make sure that Resident is OK.)

Door Check Monitoring  (just a idea...)

**from the Door Open (or not) to monitor this Residents daily Activity or not.
1. Put an insert  Card on each Doors. Assumed....Once, the Resident open their Door, the Card will drop automatically.
2. at evening, Floor Monitor, put the Cards back & check Any un-move Card's Apartments.